Buying a silencer has never been easier! Here at Bull Island Armory we'd be more than glad to guide you through the process!

Why purchase a  silencer?
Silencers reduce the noise a firearms makes when shooting and it also reduces the recoil. It makes shooting safer on your hearing and reduces noise pollution. We've also found that it makes shooting a more enjoyable experience, especially for first time shooters who may be startled by the loud noise. Additionally, hunting with a silencer will preserve your hearing when discharging your rifle without hearing protection.

Contrary to popular belief silencer have always been legal to own. The are just regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934, which imposes a one time tax on silencers, machine guns and short barrel rifles/shotguns. When purchasing a silencer, you will fill out a ATF Form 4, which registers the silencer to you, your trust or a corporation. You and/or the responsible parties will go through background check similarly to buying a gun.

Each silencer transfer incurs in a one-time $200 tax, which is payable by check or credit card to Bureau of ATF.

Once the application is mailed out, It can take anywhere between 30 days to 7 months for ATF to approve it and return it to us. In the mean time the gunshop has to retain possession of the silencer until the form is return approved and you can take it home.

Just because your silencer is registered does not mean ATF can come to your house and pay you a visit. This is a false rumor.

Selecting the right silencer

You may be asking yourself, “what is the best silencer?” It’s easy to get caught in that mindset, but it’s a little bit more complicated than that. We recommend reframing the question to say, “What is the best silencer for me?” With hundreds of silencers to choose from, the best suppressor for you depends on how you answer the following questions:
  • What firearm(s) are you wanting to put a silencer on?
  • What caliber(s) are those firearm(s) chambered in?
  • What features of a silencer are most important to you: size, weight, length, long accuracy, durability, modularity, sound performance, repeatability, etc.?
  • What is your budget?
By answering those four questions, we will be able to narrow your silencer options down to a few select choices. From there, we’ll discuss features unique to each silencer. This will help you determine which suppressor is the right match for you.